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Privacy Policy

Scope of this policy

This policy covers how the operator of this website, the Transatlantic & Caucasus Studies Institute, treats personal information obtained from visitors to this website. Personal information is information about you that is personally identifiable, such as your name, email address, postal address, or telephone number.


Our website contains links to other websites for the purposes of processing online transactions, for example Amazon and PayPal. This policy does not cover personal information which you supply to those websites except where such personal information is passed on to us for the purpose of processing transactions.

Our website may automatically gather and record information from visitors' web browsers, including IP addresses, host identifiers, and pages visited. These data are gathered solely to analyse patterns of site use and to prevent abuse. Since we are unable to connect these data to particular individuals, the data do not constitute personal information and therefore fall outside the scope of this policy.

Purposes for which personal information is held

If you supply information (such as an email address, postal address, or telephone number) which can be used to contact you in relation to queries or comments you send to us, we may use this information to contact you. If you have indicated to us that you are interested in or support our work, we may contact you regularly with information about our activities, though you are free at any time to require us not to contact you further.

Your personal information may also be used within our internal administration, books and records.


We will not pass your personal information to other parties except where we are required to do so by legal process or in order to assert or exercise our legal rights. In particular, we will not share your information with other parties for the purposes of direct marketing or advertising.


This policy has been designed so as to ensure compliance with law and regulation applicable within the United Kingdom.

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